Winter Hints, Tips and Policies

Free Sand (up to a 5-gallon container) is available to residents during the winter months outside the Transfer Station Gate. Due to the popularity, supplies may run low at times, so please call the Transfer Station at 203-393-3090 for available product. Residents must provide their own container for the sand. The use of Town equipment and personnel is strictly prohibited.


All vehicles should be parked off the road during winter storm events.  Parking limits are specifically governed by Town Ordinance, Section 397-2.  Anyone who violates this ordinance may receive a fine and their vehicle may be towed.  When a parking ban goes into effect the Town will ask local media to publicize the ban on TV and radio.  You can also check the Town's website at: for updates.  While we will do our best to inform residents of any parking ban, please keep the Ordinance in mind and avoid street parking during a winter storm.

Snow Removal 

The Department of Public Works divides the Town into nine snowplow routes in order to remove snow as quickly and efficiently as possible.  In the event of severe winter weather, snow may nonetheless accumulate, especially on side roads and cul-de-sacs.  Should you have a concern about snow accumulation on your street, you may call the Public Works Department at 203-389-3420, or the Police Department at 203-387-2511 in the event the Public Works Office is closed.

Ordinance 375-19 Plowing or Throwing Snow and Ice into Street.

No resident, owner or occupant or agent thereof, including private contractors, shall:
1.  Push, plow blow or otherwise put any snow/ice from driveways, parking lots or sidewalks into or on Town roadways or other public property in the Town.
2.  Plow snow from a private premises across a Town roadway or sidewalk to the opposite side of any roadway or sidewalk; or
3.  Plow snow in a manner which blocks access to the premises of other Town residences or mailboxes.
For additional information on this particular ordinance, please refer to the Town's website at: - Look under the tab of Government Charter and Ordinances.


Since 1996, the Town has followed a "Mailbox Replacement Policy."  Under that policy, the Town will replace a mailbox or post, at the Town's cost, only if the mailbox or post is directly struck by a Town snowplow during snow removal operations.  The policy was adopted in 1996 after reviewing the procedures of many other Connecticut towns.
A mailbox or post may be dislodged by the weight of the snow, rather than a snowplow.  The weight of snow, especially when wet, can often knock off or break mailboxes and posts.  In these cases, the owner is responsible for repair or replacement.  Please check your mailbox and post to make sure both are secure.  You may also want to install a secured protective shield to deflect the snow from the mailbox and post.
Mailboxes should be 15-inches behind the edge of the road and 42-inches high to the bottom of the box.

1.  If a mailbox or post is struck by a Town snowplow during snow removal operations, the Town will replace the mailbox and/or post with a standard box and/or post.  The Town will supply the labor and material.
2.  If a mailbox and/or post is damaged by the weight of snow plowed up against it or by other factors except being struck by a plow, the Town will not replace or repair the mailbox and/or post.
3.  In the event that a Town snowplow strikes and damages a custom or fancy mailbox and/or post, the Town will replace with similar quality provided that the resident supplies the Town with a receipt or other evidence of value for the mailbox and/or post.
4.  All requests for replacement or repairs must be made within 72 hours of the end of the storm during which the damage occurred.

Helpful Ideas

We suggest that you install plow guide markers along the edge of your property to help guide the snowplow operators and to avoid lawn damage.  Again, you may reach us through the Public Works Office at 203-389-3420, or through the Police Department at 203-387-2511, if the Public Works Office is closed.
The Woodbridge Department of Public Works would like to thank residents for their cooperation in addressing winter storm conditions.