Transfer and Recycling Station Permit Information

All permits may be obtained at The Sheehy Department of Public Works Building, 15 Meetinghouse Lane, Woodbridge, CT Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

There are two types of permits issued: a sticker-type permit and a "temporary" paper-type permit. Sticker-type permits are issued to vehicles that are registered in the Town of Woodbridge and not leased or under a company name. If a resident has a leased vehicle(s) or vehicle(s) registered under a company name and plan to utilize the Transfer Station with those vehicles, they will be issued a "temporary" paper-type permit.

The resident is responsible for providing the make, model, and license plate number for each vehicle they plan to use at the Transfer Station.

To request a Transfer Station Permit for registered Woodbridge vehicles, please access the request form (PDF). Permits for leased or company registered vehicles are issued on a fiscal year (July - June) basis and must be renewed every year. Residents are required to show the vehicle registration for each vehicle that they wish to obtain a permit.

Please contact the Public Works Office at 203-389-3420 with any questions.