Transfer and Recycling Station Fee Schedule

The following fee schedule associated with the Transfer and Recycling Station.

Appliances - Appliances that contain CFCH / HCFC (refrigerants) such as air conditioners, freezers, dehumidifiers and refrigerators are accepted at the transfer station for a fee of $10 per unit.

Brush - residential brush is accepted for a fee of $10 per cubic yard. Brush should be no longer than 6-feet and no wider than 3-inches diameter. Logs should be cut to 3-foot lengths. Disposal is limited to a maximum of 2-cubic yards per trip.

Demolition Debris - As of February 1, 2022, residential demolition may be disposed of for .10 cents per pound.  Residents must be weighed on the scale at the Transfer Station.   Some samples of demolition debris: sheetrock, wood decking, wood fencing, roof shingles, and building material from remodeling projects.

Tires - old tires must be off the rims and no larger than 16-inches in diameter. The fee per tire is $2.

Should a resident hire a private contractor to dispose of debris, the resident is responsible for obtaining a "temporary permit" This "temporary permit" is issued to the resident and must include the name of the hauler, town the hauler is located in, make / model / license plate of the vehicle that the hauler is using to dispose the debris. Fees associated with the disposal may be paid at the Transfer Station or the Department of Public Works office. Payment at the Transfer Station is check or debit card only; cash or check may be used at the Public Works office.

Some residents choose to use a private trash hauler for their household trash and recyclable. Private haulers must adhere to the same recycling laws governed by the State of CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection if using the Woodbridge Transfer Station.

Private trash / recycle haulers must also register with the Public Works Office on a yearly basis.