Personal Property

Personal property includes but is not limited to:

  • Commercial furniture and fixtures
  • Electronic data processing equipment (computers)
  • Farm machinery
  • Home businesses
  • Leased equipment (even water coolers and mail machines)
  • Mechanics tools, machinery and equipment
  • Non-registered motor vehicles

Personal Property Declarations

Personal property declarations will be mailed during the month of September to businesses and individuals who have filed declarations for their business personal property. If you are have a new business in the Town of Woodbridge, whether it be inside or outside of your home, or possess a non-registered motor vehicle, please contact the Assessor's Office  at 203-389-3416 for copies of the personal property declarations.

Declaration Filing Deadline

Declarations must be filed by Wednesday November 1. Failure to file a declaration with the Assessor's office will result in a 25% penalty to your estimated assessment.

Manufacturer's & Farm Machinery Exemptions

For those eligible for the Manufacturer's Machinery and Equipment Exemption and the Farm Machinery Exemption, applications are available from the Assessor and must be filed by Wednesday November 1.