Motor Vehicle Information

In accordance with Connecticut General Statute Sec. 12-71d, valuation of motor vehicles are based upon the recommended National Automobile Dealers Association (N.A.D.A) Guides. 

The assessment is based upon seventy percent (70%) of the average retail/'clean retail value' of motor vehicles for the current assessment year. Valuation of motor vehicles not included in the above recommended schedules are determined by the Assessor.

  • If a vehicle is disposed or no longer in the State of Connecticut, please follow the link below for 'Acceptable Form of Proof of Sale or Registration out of State'
  • If a vehicle is over twenty (20) years old and does not have an antique plate, you may complete an application to be considered for a flat assessment. Please follow the link below for 'Acceptable Form of Proof Application for Antique Vehicle'
  • If you believe that the N.A.D.A. value does not represent the 'average/clean retail' value, you may appeal to the Woodbridge Board of Assessment Appeals. The Board hears appeals for motor vehicles annually, in September.