The primary function of the Assessor's office is to compile the grand list annually valuing real estate, personal property, and motor vehicles in a fair and equitable manner, while adhering to the requirements set forth in the Connecticut General Statutes.

Real Estate

  • Reviewed annually for any changes that occur between grand list years and what exists on October 1st
  • Revaluation is completed every five (5) years, with a full inspection required every ten (10) years, and recalculates value based on current fair market transfers.

Business Personal Property

  • Valued annually based on the filing of the declaration by persons or entities conducting business or have business assets located in the Town of Woodbridge.
  • The deadline to file is November 1st annually to avoid a twenty-five percent (25%) penalty.

Motor Vehicles

  • Valued annually based on the year, make, model of the vehicle utilizing the State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management's recommended pricing guide(s) in accordance with CGS § 12-71d.
  • Connecticut State Statute §  12-71c(b) states application for an adjustment must be made no later than December 31st, which falls twenty-seven (27) months after the assessment date.

Programs and Exemptions

  • The Assessor's office administers state and local programs of tax relief, apply exemption as permitted by state law, and assist the public with a variety of inquiries. 

2020 Grand List Mill Rate

The 2020 Mill Rate for July 2021-January 2022 tax bills is:

  • Real Estate, Personal Property & Motor Vehicles: 42.64

Farm/Forest/Open Space

  • Applications are available at the Assessor's office and should be filed between September 1, 2021 and October 31, 2021