Friendly Visitor Program

Woodbridge Human Services sponsors a Friendly Visitor/Telephone Reassurance Program, an outreach program for the home bound, handicapped and elderly in Woodbridge.

Through friendly visits and telephone calls, our goal is to help improve the quality of life for those who are feeling isolated and lonely due to decreased mobility. We have a superb group of trained volunteers who work with us to make regular visits or calls to those who are home bound. Talking, walking, doing paperwork, sharing a hobby, or just enjoying one another are some of the activities that are provided through this program.

 So if you or someone you know is a little lonely, not getting out as much anymore, or just in need of some companionship, we would love to meet you, enjoy a cup of tea or share a little conversation. We're looking forward to your call at the Woodbridge Center 203-389-3430 or Human Services 203-389-3429.

For a rewarding and valuable volunteer experience, consider offering your companionship to an area resident in need.  There is an interview process, and individual training is provided.  The visiting arrangement is determined by you, the visitor, and the resident - matching your availability with a person's needs.  Please call Judi Young, Senior Social Service Worker 203-389-3429. 
                                                                   Thank you!