Volleyball League Standings

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Sand Volleyball Court
The Sand Volleyball Court at 50 Woodfield Drive is now open.  COVID-19 rules must be followed while using Town athletic fields: including masks required, maintain 6 feet distance.  Equipment is not sanitized; use at your own risk.  Permits are available.  Call the Recreation Department Office at 203-389-3446
Sand Volleyball Court


2019/2020 Fall- Winter League -
The remainder of the season has been cancelled

 1) Bump, Set, Spike - Jim A  34-11
2)  Vodka Shots - Jimmy C  29-13
3) Having Fun - Luke 29-16
4)  No Excuses 23-22
5)   Keith 18-24
6)  Dave  15-30
7)  Ball Busters 5-37

Check back for updates to see if there will be a summer program. 
Fall/Winter teams will be given first preferences and if spots remain, then other teams will be accepted.

The volleyball league plays on Monday evenings, and standings are updated weekly.
  For more information contact Jim at the Recreation Department Office at 203-389-3446 or email