Vital Statistics

Registration of original documents of birth, death and marriage as well as burial and transit permits, cremation permits, and disinterment permits are handled through the clerk's office. Certified copies are made for state, towns and the public according to freedom of information laws.

Birth Certificate

The original birth certificate is kept in the town of occurrence. A certified copy may also be obtained from the town where the family resided at the time of the birth. Access to birth certificates is restricted to the following:
  • The person whose birth is recorded if over eighteen years old
  • Such person's children, grandchildren, spouse, parent, guardian, or grandparent
  • CEO of the municipality where birth occurred or his/her agent
  • The local director of health for the town of birth or residence of mother or his/her agent
  • Attorneys and title examiners representing such person or persons' parents, guardian, child, or spouse
  • Members of genealogical societies incorporated or authorized by the Secretary of the State
  • Agents of a state or federal agency as approved by the department
  • Researchers approved by the department pursuant to Sec 19a-25
When requesting a birth certificate, one must fill out a request form and provide verification of relationship and proof of identity.
Fee for a certified birth certificate - $20

Marriage License

If you are planning to get married in the Town of Woodbridge, you will need to come to the Woodbridge Town Clerk's office to obtain your marriage license. We ask that you fill out and return the marriage license worksheet before coming in for your license. The marriage license worksheet asks for the information that is to be entered on the marriage license as well as where the wedding will be held and who will be performing the ceremony. Once we have this information, we can prepare the license so it is ready when the two parties come in to sign it. Both parties must come in person, either together or separately, to sign the license. The license is good for 65 days and the fee is $50.

Certified Copies of Marriage & Death Certificates

The original of all vital records stay in the town of occurrence. Certified copies of death and marriage licenses may be obtained upon request. Marriage or death certificates of people who resided in Woodbridge at the time of the marriage or death may be obtained from the Woodbridge Town Clerk. You will be asked to complete a request form and to provide a photo ID. The fee for a certified copy is $20