Job Bank

The Job Bank offers jobs to Woodbridge middle school or high school teens,  ages 13 - 18, who would like to earn extra income by working for Woodbridge residents.  Young people develop a sense of responsibility and accomplishment while providing much needed services in our community.   

Our program provides helpful advice about the interview process, safety on the job, and how to negotiate pay.   
Job Bank members will build a file of work experience that can be used for future recommendations.

 A variety of work opportunities include yard work & raking, babysitting, tech help, tutoring, animal care, house cleaning, party help, snow shoveling, etc.   Registered Job Bank students are offered opportunities as they arise.  Details  - such as day, time needed and wages - are negotiated between the youth and employer.  Some  jobs are one time tasks, others may be longer term commitments.


  • To register:  Interested teens are encouraged to contact Youth Services to schedule an interview.  Application and a parental permission slip are required.  Forms can be found below.
  • To hire:  Woodbridge residents only. Please call to take advantage of this local resource.  To register your job request, call Youth Services between 9 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at least one week in advance.  We cannot accommodate last minute requests.

          Wages are negotiated between you and the Job Bank employee.  Please be fair and clear with your expectations and discuss payment before the work is done.   Due to safety concerns, some restrictions may apply.

         We like to know your job is completed!  Please call us so we may update our records.

                             Youth Services:  203-389-3429, Monday through Friday