Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses are issued by the Town Clerk. All dogs 6 months old or older must be licensed and licenses must be renewed each year in June. A valid rabies certificate including the expiration date must be presented when licensing a dog. We also need validation that the dog has been spayed or neutered. It is important to license your dog as it is a reminder to keep the rabies vaccination current and, if lost, your dog can be returned. The Town Clerk will mail renewal notices to all licensed dog owners at the end of May and renewals may be done by mail. Fees are as follows:
  • Neutered male, spayed female - $8
  • Unspayed/un-neutered - male or female - $19
  • Late licensing penalty added July 1 - $1 per month
  • Transfer of ownership - $1
  • Lost tag - $.50
  • Change of residence (within State) - $.50 for new license/tag
  • Kennel licenses (up to ten tags) - $51

Dog License Application

Download a dog license application (PDF).