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Temporary A-Frame Sign Form

  1. A Frame signs are permitted by the Town's zoning regulations.
    4.8. Eleemosynary Signs Permitted Subject to the general limitations prescribed in 4.8.1 through 4.8.4 eleemosynary signs may be located either on premises as the event to which they refer occurs or off premises from such site. Sign registration per Section 4.8.2 of these regulations is required for such signs. 4.8.1 Eleemosynary signs shall be: (1). Not posted for more than two (2) weeks before the event; (2) The event is limited to an activity scheduled for specific dates and not for continuous activities or on-going programs. (3) The sign(s) shall be removed within 48 hours of cessation of the event. (4) The area of any one side of the sign shall not exceed six (6) square feet 4.8.2 Eleemosynary signs shall be registered with the Zoning Enforcement Officer prior to their erection on a form prescribed by the ZEO which shall include the following information: (a) The name and address of the business, organization or enterprise (b) The name and phone number of the applicant and person responsible for removing said signs within the specified time limits (c) The date of submission (d) The overall sign design (e) The purpose of the event (f) The dates to be erected (g) The duration of the event (h) The location of the signs
  2. If this event is to be held on Town property you must fill out an application (available on the Recreation Department webpage)
  3. You may use a cumulative total of up to six weeks in one calendar year. Signs may not be up for more than two weeks at a time.
  4. Signs may not be larger than 2x3. If you wish to use a sign larger than that you must request permission from the Board of Selectmen. To be placed on their agenda, contact
  5. Please include address or road intersection
  6. Please include the message to be included on your signs. If you are holding an event in the Town of Woodbridge, you may submit your event to the Town Event Calendar by visiting:
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