Do I have to let the Assessors Office inspect my property?
No, you don’t have to let the Assessor in. This is a request not a court order. However, if you choose not to let the assessors office in they must estimate the interior of the property to the best of their ability, which can lead to differing outcomes.

One possibility is that the Assessor’s office will estimate correctly and your assessment will be accurate. Another is the Assessor’s office will estimate incorrectly and you will receive an inaccurate assessment. It is also possible that the taxpayer has made improvements to the house and the new assessment will not reflect the improvements. Improvements which are not accounted for create inequity for all and defeat the process; everyone should only have to pay their fair share.

If property owners want an accurate assessment on their property and the fairest tax for all taxpayers the best approach is to let the Assessor inspect the property.

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