First Selectman's Office

Mica Cardozo is the First Selectman of the Town of Woodbridge, CT. The First Selectman is the Chief Administrative and Executive Officer to the Town. Key responsibilities of this office include:

 * continuous review of the financial needs 
    and budget requirements of the Town,
*  evaluation of the Town’s current and future
* carrying out Town ordinances, resolutions, 
   and policies and
* guiding the Board of Selectmen in the  
   discharge of all the Board's duties.

First Selectman Mica Cardozo Photo

In November 2023, First Selectman Mica Cardozo was elected to a two-year term that began January 1, 2024. For over 15 years before joining the First Selectmen, Mica had been active in Woodbridge government. He served two terms as Deputy Selectman to Beth Heller and was appointed as Ordinance Chairman. His experience extends to a variety of commissions he served including the Woodbridge Police, Fire, Economic Development, Recreation, and Agriculture Commissions. Additionally, Mica is a Woodbridge Rotary Member and a Griffin Hospital Corporator.

Mica Cardozo brings to the role of First Selectman his many years of experience as a business professional. He led a successful and distinguished career as a business development and sales executive with AT&T.

Mica and his wife Pat Cardozo, a successful realtor who was elected to the Amity Board of Education for 12 years and served as Vice-Chair, raised their two daughters, Rachel and Micaela, here in Woodbridge. Both children attended Beecher Road School, Amity Middle School, and graduated from Amity Regional High School.