Wayfinding Signage Project

The Town of Woodbridge has hired a design consultant to create a wayfinding signage plan for the Town’s business district.

The Ad Hoc Wayfinding Committee – Chair Jamie Scott, Ellen Eisenberg, Lor Ferrante Fernandes, Jeff Kaufman and Chris Lovejoy – has been working closely with the consultant, CR3 of Simsbury, to refine two potential designs for the proposed signs.

The two design concepts are on display at the Woodbridge Town Library from October 6 through October 18 (and visible below).  The committee is soliciting feedback on the design concepts. Residents may submit comments in paper form at the Library or through this form.

Different sign locations would call for different sign sizes. In Concept 2, the signs on the left side of the post are temporary banners that could be used to promote events or used as advertisements for local businesses. These temporary banners could also be used on some of the signs in Concept 1.  

Woodbridge Wayfinding Sign Concept 1
Woodbridge Wayfinding Sign Concept 2