Country Club of Woodbridge

The Country Club of Woodbridge was acquired by the Town of Woodbridge in 2009.

There are no private sector proposals in front of the Board of Selectmen at this time, rather the Board is investigating the best way to convert the Country Club of Woodbridge property into a Town park. 

How did we get here? (Visit the Country Club of Woodbridge History page.)

Town Park

As the Board considers converting the property to open space, there are several major issues to be decided: 

  • The future of the pool
  • Addressing the clubhouse, including long-term measures and demolition
  • Demolish several outbuildings on the property
  • Repaving the parking lots
  • Improving the cart paths or removing some or all of them
  • Completion of an environmental clean-up of the property, the extent of which depends on the property's use
  • Winterizing and terminating all or some of the irrigation system
  • The future of the tennis courts
  • An ongoing maintenance plan for the property
  • Other potential horticultural and/or recreational facilities on the property
More details on these upcoming decisions can be found here


In either scenario, the Town is responsible for environmental clean-up of the land, resulting from years of pesticide use. The Town's Licensed Environmental Professional has reported that the pesticides have not migrated and pose no health threats.

The Licensed Environmental Professional reported to the Board of Selectmen in March of 2016. View the video of that report here.

The First Selectman forwarded a letter from the State to neighbors of the Country Club to reassure them about the environmental issues.