1. Absentee Ballots

    View an online resource on absentee ballots from the Connecticut Secretary of the State.

  2. Agendas & Minutes

    All Woodbridge town boards and commissions are required to file agendas and minutes with the Town Clerk.

  3. Citation Hearing Official

    The Town Clerk and the Hearing Officers are responsible for all phases of hearing parking tickets, handicap parking, snow removal and zoning violations.

  4. Conveyance Tax

    Any document that registers a transfer of property is subject to a conveyance tax to the State of Connecticut and to the Town of Woodbridge.

  5. Dog Licenses

    Dog Licenses are issued by the Town Clerk. All dogs 6 months old or older must be licensed and licenses must be renewed each year in June.

  6. Elections/Voter Registration

    It is the Town Clerk's responsibility to oversee all aspects of Town, State and Federal elections, primaries, referendums, annual and special town meetings.

  7. Fee Schedule

    Cash and check are the only forms of payment accepted.

  8. Freedom of Information

    Town Clerks are responsible for ensuring "open and public" government by providing access to government records and helping Boards and Commissions to comply with Freedom of Information (FOI) regulations.

  9. Genealogy

    These files are kept in the locked cabinet. A member of the staff must accompany anyone looking up these records.